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Sr. No. Title Name of the Author/s Year of Publication Download
1 Copper Hydrotalcite (Cu-Ht) As An Efficient Catalyst For The Hydrogenation Of Co2 To Formic Acid Dr. Minaxi S. Maru 2020 View
2 Dispersion And Optical Activities Of Copper (Ii) Metal Oxide Nanoparticles With Polyethylene Glycol In Aqueous Medium Studied With Physicochemical Properties And Uv-Vis Spectrophotometry Dr. Sachin B. Undre 2020 View
3 Intermolecular Interactions Of Nicotine With Biomolecules To Optimize And Develop Extraction Formulations Moderated Through Physicochemical Properties At 303.15 K Dr. Sachin B. Undre 2020 View
4 Studies On Structural And Electrical Behaviors Of Chemically Grown Zno/ Sno2 Nanocomposites Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
5 Size Dependent Die Lectric, Magnetic, Transport And Magnetodielec Tric Propert Ies Of Bife0.98Co0.02O3 Nanoparticles Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
6 Room Temperature Colossal Magnetodielectric Effct In La0.4Gd0.1Ca0.5Mno3 Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
7 Effects Of Annealing Treatment On Microstructure, Electrical And Magnetodielectric Properties Of Bife0.98Co0.02O3/Al–Doped Zno Layered Thin Films Prepared By Chemical Solution Deposition Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
8 Effect Of Annealing Environments On Structural And Electrical Properties Of La0.5Nd0.5Mno3 Manganites Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
9 Effect Of 200 Mev Ag+15 Ion Irradiation On Structural, Microstructural And Dielectric Properties Of Y0⋅95Sr0⋅05Mno3 Manganite Fims Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
10 Room-Temperature Colossal Magnetodielectric Effect In La0.4Eu0.1 Ca0.5Mno3 Manganite Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
11 Effect Of Oxygen Vacancy Gradient On Ionirradiated Ca-Doped Ymno3 Thin Films Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
12 On Algebra Isomorphisms Between P-Banach Beurling Algebras Ms. Darshna Likhada 2020 View
13 Identifying, Addressing and Catering to The Multiple Intelligences of Literature Students in An Online Class Dr. Swarnabharati 2020 View
14 A Novel Substrate Directed Multicomponent Reaction For The Syntheses Of Tetrahydro-Spiro[Pyrazolo[4,3-F]Quinoline]-8,5′-Pyrimidines And Tetrahydro-Pyrazolo[4,3-F]Pyrimido[4,5-B]Quinolines Via Selective Multiple C–C Bond Formation Under Metal-Free Conditions Ms. Hetal J Patel 2020 View
15 Synthesis Of Homologous Series Of Liquid Crystalline Behavior And The Study Of Mesomorphism Dr. Hemant R. Prajapati 2020 View
16 Defects Induced Resistive Switching Behavior In Ca Doped Ymno3–Based Non–Volatile Memory Devices Through Electronic Excitations Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
17 Structural And Electrical Properties Of Sol–Gel Grown Nanostructured Zno And Lamno3 Particle‑Based Nanocomposites Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
18 Thermal Effects On Resistive Switching In Manganite–Silicon Thin Film Device Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
19 Comparison Of Opinion Of B.Ed. Trainees About Micro Teaching Skills Dr. Rajesh R. Rathod 2020 View
20 Opinion Of Viii Standard Students About Activity-Based Teaching Program In School Of Vadodara City Ms. Megha Tadvi 2020 View
21 Analysis Of Search Space In Domian Of Swarm Intelligence Ms.Vaishali Patel 2020 View
22 Educational Challenges For The Government Primary School Teachers And Students Of Gujarat State In This Era Of Pandamic Dr. Jyoti R. Raval 2020 View
23 Bridging the Gap: Reading difficulties and Identifying Reading Difficulties among children with and without special needs in Inclusive Setup Mr. Dhananjay Deshmukh 2021 View
24 Isolation and Characterization of Reactive Black DYE Decolorizing Bacteria From TEXTILE INDUSTRY Dr. Mehul Dave 2021 View
25 Beneficial effects of marine algae in Skin Moisturization and Photoprotection Dr. Mehul Dave 2021 View
26 Attitudes of Student Teacher Educators (M.Ed. Students) Towards Research Prof. J.K Joshi 2021 View
27 A Study On Problems Of Classroom Insrtuction Dr. Rajesh R. Rathod 2020 View
28 Room-Temperature Colossal Magnetodielectric Effect in La0.4Eu0.1 Ca0.5MnO3 Manganite Dr. Keval Gadani 2020 View
29 Defects induced resistive switching behavior in Ca doped YMnO3–based non–volatile memory devices through electronic excitations Dr. Keval Gadani 2021 View
30 Structural and electrical properties of sol–gel grown nanostructured ZnO and LaMnO3 particle‑based nanocomposites Dr. Keval Gadani 2021 View
31 Media Optimization And Saccharification of Lignocellulosic Waste By Cellulolytic Bacteria Isolated From Gut of A Termite Dr. Dipika Patel 2021 View
32 A comparative study between Harappa culture and Vedic culture Dr. Dipak K. Chaudhari 2021 View
33 Covid-19: Have Stock Markets Gone Out Of Our Reach Dr. Sonal Thareja 2020 View
34 The Potential Paradigm Shift In Education Post Covid 19 Dr. Sonal Thareja 2020 View
35 Hybrid Approach for the Study of Concentration of the Longitudinal Dispersion Phenomenon Dr. Kunjan Shah 2021 View