Indian Institute of Teacher Education A State Public University established by Govt. of Gujarat

ADITYA Placement Portal

The placement department of IITE prepares the IITE graduates and post graduates as competent teachers to teach not only in Gujarat or India but, also outside India. Therefore, we have set International Standards in our teacher education curriculum so that we can send our teacher- graduates outside Gujarat or abroad on teaching assignments. To accomplish the goal, our University has regularly held dialogues with reputed schools and management in and outside India. Our students are qualified to teach in secondary, senior secondary as well as undergraduate levels (the NET qualified students)

Details of our next batch to be graduated in May 2022 is as follows:


Name of the course B.Sc. B.Ed. B.A. B. Ed. M.Sc./M. A. M. Ed.
Students 73 16 24

The placement training program organized by the department of placement covers the following:

  • Exposure to 21st Generation Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Effective Online Class Taking Techniques
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Today's Teacher
  • Intense training in latest technologies like Interactive, smart boards
  • Exposure to Lecture capture technology
  • Power of first Impression
  • CV Writing & Interview Skills
  • Opportunities in Education Sector
  • Post COVID Educator: School outlook
  • School management
  • Sufficient and Effective Practice Teaching

The Placement Department has been successful in providing placements to IITE'ians from 2017 onwards. Along with that, 52 students were recruited in Grant-in-aid and Government schools of Gujarat by clearing the TET examination in the year 2021.

ADITYA (Accomplishing Dreams for Indian Teachers and Yearning Administrators) is the Placement Portal of IITE wherein placement of IITE students are conducted from local to global in well-known schools. The Portal, which was launched by honourable Shri Vijay Rupani, then Chief Minister of Gujarat on 6th March, 2020, acts as a conduit between IITE students and schools worldwide. It helps the schools to find the dynamic candidature from a pool of education functionaries as per their requirement. It is a platform of interface as a responsive, transparent and efficient employment service between the candidates and human resource requirement of schools. The candidates registered with ADITYA are trained in such a way that they can effectively integrate their knowledge into practice. They would be equipped with alternative teaching learning methodologies, empowered with the skills required and trained with the roles of dynamic teacher to fulfil the need of today’s school.