Indian Institute of Teacher Education A State Public University established by Govt. of Gujarat

Exposure is the best way of learning in today’s world. Learning is an automatic process and when exposure adds to the process as a tool, learning will become the joy.

As IITE envisioned, A teacher must have national as well as global perspective, a teacher who is powerful in content, pedagogy Skills, exposed to surroundings and aware about the culture and heritage of the state as well as the nation. This vision leads to the idea of PBL – Project based Learning PBL will provide exposure to students in term of

  • Different environment
  • Knowing people
  • Knowing lifestyle
  • Knowing heritage, legacy, history, arts, tourism and civilization

PBL execution processes are designed in such a way that the students who are involved in PBL will learn team work and leadership lessons with joy.

PBL 2 got introduced by Hon. VC as he believes that adventure and courage are the important aspect of leadership. Being a teacher one must have the courage and adventure spirit. So decided to take students for adventurous activities like Trekking, Caving, Mountaineering, river rafting etc. part of its pilot was conducted in Kilad , Dang district and Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Student learned the life lessons, they learned to feel the nature and why it is important to save the nature. They learned to be with themselves and that too without mobile and selfies. They felt the fear in their night treks and also learned to overcome the fear.

They learned the team work and importance of team and found that leadership is not just ???????? but it is Responsibility. They also understood why the role of leader is important. These were their major learnings while they were assigned leadership of their groups and also worked with their co-leaders. Leadership and team work games brought them in harmony.