" M.A Education - Baroda & Junagad Centre Classes will commence 23/03/2014 " 16/03/2014 will be holiday for all centres         |          "MA Education : the date for submission of migration certificate is extended upto 21 april 2014"

Welcome to a new era in Teacher Education

Indian Institute of Teacher Education epitomizes the extension of the knowledge tradition embedded in the rich intellectual and cultural heritage of India. IITE has been envisioned to introduce and initiate future teachers into the process of transformation into evolved beings who can lead and guide the children of tomorrow towards the knowledge century in the true sense. With holistic training components, value-education and skill-orientation as the mainstay of the teacher education, IITE has a vision of empowering the nation and the world with teachers who can take the onus of shaping the next generation of students with a sense of responsibility for the nation and an orientation for internationalism.
“To create teachers of tomorrow with the transformative knowledge of Indian tradition and usher in a new era of teacher education, focusing upon the integral development of teachers.” - Hon. C.M. Shri Narendra Modi.
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